We started this foundation in honor of our son King Singh and his siblings. We know from experience the entire family suffers when a loved one is diagnosed with a life threatening medical illness. King was diagnosed at just 2 years old with high risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia and a rare disease. We are truly grateful, he completed 3.5 years of intense daily chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the rare disease is lifelong and incurable. 


We are inspired by King's determination, passion and strength.


The short version to how the King Fights Cancer Foundation began.​​​​..

One day at the hospital after King was accessed through his port, the nurse allowed him to pick a sticker or bubbles. On his way out of the office, he stopped because a girl was crying hysterically and pointing to his bubbles. Without direction or hesitation he gave her his bubbles.


A random act of kindness from then 2 year young King.

We asked him why he did that and he said kids shouldn't be sad and he wanted her to be happy, stop crying and smile.

Since that day, we knew we had to find a way to recreate these moments over and over again as it brought King and our family so much happiness and joy!